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[sticky post] Master Fic Post

Here are all the links to my fics, both here on Lj and on FF.net

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Prompt - Chuunin round

Only one promp.

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Prompts - Genin Round

Two prompts for this round.

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Wrote some stuff on some post-its and took pictures. And yes, Iruka has a girly handwriting, deal with it :P

Pink: written by Kakashi
Blue: written by Iruka
Prompts: Kunai, Shuriken, Missions, Chuunin, Jounin.

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Feedback: Selling and Buying

Did I sell you something, or buy from you? Then go ahead and leave a comment here! :D
Praise or critique, all is welcome. 

Though if there is an issue of some sort, please PM me and we will sort it out, rather than just filling this post with hate aimed towards me. I want everyone to be happy with the transaction :)

Skin and Foam

KakaIru KinkMeme fill

Request: "I would like to see Iruka doing one of the following things for Kakashi: 1) washing his hair, 2) brushing his hair, 3) shaving him - as a sign of trust and intimacy. Sex isn't necessary, but won't be turned away."

Pairing: KakaIru

Warning: Shonen-ai (boy's love), fluff

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Kakashi and/or Iruka.

Summary: An intimate moment in the lives of Kakashi and Iruka.

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